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Bibframe Experiments

Output from Zepheira's python code

Some data in a nice display format

Note: the format of the right-hand column is that it has the output files in this order: 1)work 2)instance 3)objects

A simple book / (XML input)

An atlas / (XML input)

A sound recording (classical music CD) / (XML input)

Complex name with title / (XML input)

Microform / (XML input)

Anthology with ToC / (XML input)

Output from LC's xquery code

Note: I have converted the code from RDF/XML to turtle (N3) for readability

Thanks to Richard Fritz for running these through xquery for me!

A simple book / (XML input) / RDF/XML output

An atlas / (XML input) / RDF/XML output

A sound recording (classical music CD) / (XML input) / RDF/XML output

Complex name with title / (XML input) / RDF/XML output

Microform / (XML input) / RDF/XML output

Anthology with ToC / (XML input) / RDF/XML output