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BIBFRAME examples 2019

These are examples from the BF Editor. Within each file you find the same record in XML, turtle, and JSON. Other files on this page have been superceded but might be of historical interest.

Bibframe Experiments

Output from Zepheira's python code

Some data in a nice display format

Note: the format of the right-hand column is that it has the output files in this order: 1)work 2)instance 3)objects

A simple book / (XML input)

An atlas / (XML input)

A sound recording (classical music CD) / (XML input)

Complex name with title / (XML input)

Microform / (XML input)

Anthology with ToC / (XML input)

Output from LC's xquery code

Note: I have converted the code from RDF/XML to turtle (N3) for readability

Thanks to Richard Fritz for running these through xquery for me!

A simple book / (XML input) / RDF/XML output

An atlas / (XML input) / RDF/XML output

A sound recording (classical music CD) / (XML input) / RDF/XML output

Complex name with title / (XML input) / RDF/XML output

Microform / (XML input) / RDF/XML output

Anthology with ToC / (XML input) / RDF/XML output